Of course, all forklifts break down eventually.  And usually at the worst possible time. So when you need us the most, we are only a phone call away! We average one of the quickest response times in the Industry. We understand that production is money, and there is NO time to waste.

All of our service professionals genuinely care about your needs. They diligently work hard to accurately diagnose the problems with your equipment, repair it quickly, at an affordable price

Because of our trained service technicians, diverse parts availability, and vast mechanical experience, we can help reduce your total cost of ownership and keep your lift trucks performing at their best. For you, that means better productivity and a better bottom line...

BIG JOB, No problem...

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​In the event that your forklift requires a major repair that isn't safe to perform in the field, we will bring it to our comprehensive repair facility.

Here we perform major jobs; engine, transmission, differential, full brake jobs, steer axle rebuild, etc.  These jobs often require heavy lifting that simply shouldn't be done on your premises for safety reasons, and the major tooling & equipment required to properly complete.  

In the event you need a replacement forklift, we offer a 20% discount from our already low rental rates, so your production doesn't suffer.  We can bring this lift at the same time we pick up yours to further reduce the cost.

Talk to our service manager to receive an exact written estimate for the total cost involved.  If you want to consider a replacement forklift as well, our sales manager can provide that as well, so you are fully informed to make the best decision for your company.