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Unfortunately, far too often we talk to customers who purchased equipment based predominantly on price.  The majority of the time this resulted in an unreliable forklift, excessive repair costs, loss of production, and rental expenses.  Only to find out later, that a moderate increase in budget would have resulted in a significantly better investment.  This is where our decades of experience in used equipment and service can help you make the most informed decision.  Of course, offering late-model, off-lease equipment at below market pricing helps too... 

We are also motivated, and very interested in, building a long-term relationship -NOT just a sale.  We welcome that accountability, and are passionate about growing together a mutually beneficial future.  Which is another reason why we go the extra mile when preparing our equipment.  

Condition - Our trained mechanics perform complete testing & repairs on all used equipment to ensure that they meet your needs.
Appearance - AVMH strives to impress.  Matching our cosmetic standards with our high operational standards. 
Final Inspection - Before delivery, every truck is thoroughly inspected, assuring quality at an affordable price.
Warranty - We warranty all of our equipment. This gives you the confidence and security to know you made the right choice.