Industrial Chargers:
We supply and service ferroresonant chargers, SCR Chargers and High-Frequency opportunity chargers. These chargers can be delivered on a rental term, lease agreement, or purchase. Allow us to put our experience to work for you and find you the correct charger and charging schedule for your facility.


24V - $495

36V - $595

48V - $695

   battery & charger

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Batteries lose capacity and efficiency due to accumulation of extremely hard lead sulfate crystals. The standard charging method will not reverse this process. The Xtender will restore and prolong the life of these batteries and will save you money.

We offer new and reconditioned industrial batteries and chargers from a variety of manufacturers to insure the right fit for your lift truck, annual budget and work shift requirements. If the battery in your lift truck is no longer giving you the performance required each day, please call for a complete evaluation and analysis. We will provide you with a loaner battery while the evaluation is being performed so that you won’t suffer any downtime, (loaner batteries are subject to availability). Call your AVMH Consultant today, we want to work with you in improving your return on your forklift battery investment.


Industrial Batteries:
New technology in the industrial forklift battery market has increased overall performance and life expectancy, reducing the long-term cost of this capital asset. With rising fuel and energy costs, industrial batteries have become the value leader for industrial power applications.

Xtender Battery Regenerator
Desulfate • Restore • Maintain


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